Blueberry Pink Sport Dog Harness | Milan Pets Dog Walking Supplies Harness
Blueberry Pink Sport Dog Harness | Milan Pets Dog Walking Supplies Harness
Blueberry Pink Sport Dog Harness | Milan Pets Dog Walking Supplies Harness
Blueberry Pink Sport Dog Harness | Milan Pets Dog Walking Supplies Harness

Blueberry Pink Sport Harness

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Look no further than our Blueberry Pink Sport Harness for a design that is first in breathability, comfort, and security. A Milan Pet's Bestseller, our harness is made for all pet sizes with its premium mesh finish and secure harness strapping. Our tasty colors are the perfect addition for fruit lovers.

This harness is patented through the US Patent Office and registered as trachea-safe. It only pulls from the chest and never from the neck! Many dog breeds are susceptible to a collapsed trachea, especially when using a collar. This harness ensures that you don't put your dog's airway at risk. 

This harness is also patented for its shape-fit technology and closure slide adjustability. It comes with a unique feature that allows it to conform to curves on a wide variety of chest forms and sizes. Unlike many other harnesses, this harness allows for your pet's breathability by including a back clasp that can move along the durable nylon webbing for three inches of adjustment!

Most cheaper harnesses also don't have the safety features that this harness gives your pet! Unlike many other companies that only include a single D-ring, we understand that escaping is scary. That's why we have box-stitched double D-rings made with durable metal for double protection. We also include reflective strips that can be seen on the front and sides for safety during nighttime or early morning walks.

We also pride ourselves on our specialized stitching technique and a wide variety of sizes. We apply a zigzag binding stitch over our regular stitch to ensure that our mesh and cloth materials are fully bonded together. We also listened to you made this special harness available to all dogs of all sizes up to 90 lbs!

  • Mesh padded for ultimate breathability for all seasons.
  • Patented choke-free design (US Patent 8,418,568 B1).
  • Certified break-strength tested to 386 lbs.
  • Reinforced material for large and heavyweight pets.
  • Added reflective strips for nighttime safety.

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