About Us

We have a passion for pet fashion.

We at Milan Pets provide you and your pet a source of unique fashion identity that resonates with who you are as a person and a pet-lover. The breadth of pet products that we offer is a testament of our mission to cater to your specific taste and personality.

Our story begins with a vision during the cold winter of New York City. New Yorkers throw on their thickest trench coats, shiniest Doc Martens, and coziest beanies as they prepare to ride the cramped up subway leading to work. Everyone is quiet, seemingly ignoring the world.

Then comes in a woman who is shivering as she seems to have forgotten her thicker layer of clothing. We can only imagine how much she wishes that she just gets to the office, excited for the heater to warm her up. However there was one more thing that no one seems to give any regards about -- her dog.

Her dog was naked and barefoot in a carrier that was so thin a little whimper can be heard from the other end of the subway cart. At that moment, almost as a joke, we asked how the dog must be feeling in this cold winter. Do dogs get cold? Are their feet sensitive?

Our answer came as a revelation: dogs and most other pets are just like us. They get cold, they get sunburned, they get blistered paws, they even get anxiety. Now why has no one addressed this issue? It's because us humans tend to prioritize ourselves first before anyone else.

We at Milan Pets prioritize your pet's needs. Just like how clothing is a basic human necessity, pets too need clothing as a basic necessity. We address this issue by providing you with high quality pet apparel because a towel just won't cut it. Pets are a part of our families and family deserves best.

Join us in our journey and become a Milano!